Meet Coach Rick

Coach Rick McKinney has been in the sport of archery for over 60 years.  He started coaching as a teenager, helping his mother coach Junior Olympic Archers at Paul's Archery Center in Muncie, Indiana.  He became a certified instructor for the National Archery Association (currently US Archery) in 1975.  He has used that knowledge to help individuals to become better archers.  He has coached Olympians, World Champions, National Champions as well as recreational archers.  Currently he is a certified NTS 4 coach with US Archery.  
USA Archery Coach on Gilbert Archery

Managing An Archery Range

Rick accepted the managing position of the Gilbert Archery Range in November 2023.  He is also head coach at Superstition Archers in Apache Junction. His extensive background will enhance the archers who would like to better themselves in the sport of archery.  "My goal is to be more of a life coach, encouraging kids and adults to believe in themselves, learn patience, sportsmanship, integrity and enjoy the sport of archery."  

Gilbert Archery Range setup

Personal Archery Experience

Rick is a 4-time Olympian (1976, 1984, 1988 & 1992),1988 Olympic Silver Medalist (Team), 1984 Olympic Silver Medalist (Individual). He is an 8-time World Target Champion (3 Individual, 5 Team) and a 6-time Silver medalist World Champion (2 Target, 3 Field, 1 Team). He's a 2-time Bronze medalist World Champion (1 Individual, 1 Team), a Past World Record Holder in several rounds, and a 37-time National Champion. Rick has been the NBC expert commentator for the past three Olympics.  "My goal has been to help non-archery people to understand the skill and the small intricate details of how to stay focused while under extreme pressure." Rick as served in many board positions over the years with US Archery, World Archery, The United States Olympic and Para Committee and various other archery related groups.  

Professional Archery Experience

Rick runs Carbon Tech Arrows, an arrow manufacturing business, and SRM International Visions, where he invented the Stretch Band used by archers worldwide. He co-founded Archery Focus Magazine which became the official USAA Magazine, and has helped raise over a million dollars as a fundraiser for USA Archery. His book, The Simple Art of Winning, is one of the most read and accepted books in Olympic Archery for nearly 30 years and is still used today.  

All tens at Gilbert Archery

Other Interests

Rick has traveled the world during his competitive years visiting 6 of the 7 continents and over 40 countries.  He has run a marathon, scuba dived, skied, and bow hunted.  His main interest now is helping young kids learn about archery so they can have an opportunity to experience some of the excitement Rick has experienced over the years.  "I believe that a champion is developed over years of effort.  Most of the time, a gifted athlete doesn't stay long in the sport but one who works their way up the ladder, learning how to lose before winning will become a lifetime champion.  You never fail, but you learn."

If you want to get to know Coach Rick better, come on out to the Gilbert Archery Range.