Member Benefits

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There Are Many Benefits to Being a Member of Gilbert Archery

Before becoming a member though, you should know a couple of things.

1. Some memberships require you to be a member of either USA Archery or NFAA 

2. The targets that the club shoots on will only accommodate a max of 60 pound bows. If you shoot a bow that draws over 60 pounds, you will have to use the club bows.

  • Training Member
  • Women's League
  • General Membership

Women's League

Being a member of the Women's League allows you to participate in all league activities. This is a recreational league and doesn't require membership in USAA nor NFAA

To be part of the Women's League you must be a female over the age of 17. This league is for women to get away from it all and have some fun with other women.  Membership allows shooting both during Women's Lessons and Saturday Membership Intermediate Lessons. Saturday lessons are not all women.

Club equipment can be used during league shooting at no additional cost. 

Gilbert Archery Team Shirts can be purchased at cost.

While league members shoot at a variety of levels, and there is ongoing coaching, basic form and safety knowledge is required to get started so, if you haven't had a class or lesson at Gilbert Archery before, first please sign up for our Women's Try Archery Lesson here or a Women's Lesson here

$225.00 Semi-Annual Dues or $400.00 Yearly Dues