Member Benefits

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There Are Many Benefits to Being a Member of Gilbert Archery

Before becoming a member though, you should know a couple of things.

1. Some memberships require you to be a member of either USA Archery or NFAA 

2. The targets that the club shoots on will only accommodate a max of 60 pound bows. If you shoot a bow that draws over 60 pounds, you will have to use the club bows.

  • Training Member
  • Women's League
  • General Membership

Training Member 

This membership is for those who are serious about shooting and want to train to compete and to improve their scores. 


Must have a full membership in USA Archery 

USA Archery Membership is $65 for adults, $45 for youth, and $130 for families. These costs are not included in your Training Membership with Gilbert Archery but are necessary to fully participate. USA Archery Membership allows you to compete in pin shoots at the range and in all state and national tournaments.

Must have completed at least 8 beginning and/or intermediate archery lessons at Gilbert Archery or be invited by a Gilbert Archery coach. 

Training members need to have learned the basic archery form, as taught by Gilbert Archery, in order to be successful in the more advanced training offered by this membership.

Must give notice of class attendance at least 24 hours in advance.

To allow us to set up effectively for lessons, members need to sign up in advance and email if you are not going to be able to attend a lesson you sign up for.  Failure to give notice of class attendance more than twice in a 6-month period will result in loss of Locked Cost of Membership benefit, a space for you will no longer be reserved in class, and you will need to set up your own bale and equipment if space is available. It takes a lot of effort and planning to allow for social distancing so we MUST know who will be there ahead of time.


Sign Up For Any Beginning Or Intermediate Group Lessons At No Additional Cost.

Enter your membership code and any beginning or intermediate group lesson you sign up for is free.

Special, Training Member, Lessons

Wednesday evenings are set aside for special training lessons only for Training Members. These will focus on specific competition skills, workouts, mental training, and other advanced work. You will get a secret access code to sign up for these lessons. Use your member code and the cost is free.

Advanced Open Shooting

After learning how to properly set up and take down equipment, Training Members may use equipment, if it's available, and shoot at the range any time it's open. This benefit allows you to shoot further distances than typical open shooting but you may only shoot as far as you have safely been shooting during training.

Locked Cost Of Membership

The cost of your Training Membership will never increase as long as there isn't a lapse in your membership. (USA Archery membership costs may change) You may change from annual to semi-annual enrollment, or from semi-annual to annual, as long as you keep your membership current, you will always be able to renew at the rate you started at. (If your membership lapses you can re-enroll at the then current rate and be locked in at that new rate)

Been A Training Member More Than 6 Months, Or Have Paid For A Year Membership?
Get These Additional Benefits

Discounted, Gilbert Archery,  Team Shirts

Show your pride in being a Gilbert Archery Member. Several times a year we will order Team Shirts. As a Training Member you can get one per year for 50%, or more, off the cost.

Partial Reimbursement Of Tournament Fees

Attending tournaments can be expensive. Gilbert Archery would like to help lower those costs by reimbursing part, or all, of a tournament registration fee. Amount of the reimbursement will depend on funds available but will be at least $10 (ten dollars). Limit of one tournament reimbursement per year per member. Tournament must be USA Archery, or World Archery, sanctioned. Talk to a coach for details.

$300.00 Semi-Annual Dues or $550.00 Yearly Dues