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Coach Sandra is a Level 4 NTS coach but what does that mean? That means she's qualified to take an archer to the highest level of shooting. Want to be an Olympian or World Cup Archer? Sandra can train you.

Many coaches won't take students younger than 8-10 years old but Sandra's coaching techniques work with very young children as well as with adults. If you can hold a bow and listen to direction, she can teach you to shoot. If you would like to be a coach, you can learn more here.

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Coaching is not the only thing Sandra does in archery, she's also a Continental Archery Judge. She gets to travel around the country judging archery tournaments. 

Sandra decided to become a judge after going through three books in one weekend trying not to interfere with her daughter shooting at a tournament. Staying calm and supportive when your child is in a competition is very difficult. Sandra says, "The best way to maintain your sanity is to work at the tournament." She did this by becoming a judge.

Even though she no longer has to travel with her daughter, Sandra gets to catch up with friends, she only sees at tournaments, by judging. If you are interested in becoming a judge you can learn more about it here.

Managing An Archery Range

Sandra has a Master's Degree in coaching management and it came in handy when she decided to open an archery range in Gilbert AZ. "It took four long years, working with the Town of Gilbert, to determine the right location and terms for an agreement that benefits everyone" Sandra says with a smile, "but it's finally a reality." The range opened to its first shooters March 2018.

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Other Archery Related Activities

Even though Sandra's been involved in archery only a relatively short amount of time, she's accomplished a lot. She was on the USA Archery Arizona board and was the JOAD coordinator for the State of Arizona for several years. She's seen a lot of changes and growth in the sport over the years she's been involved and hopes things keep moving in a positive direction. 

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Other Interests

When she's not involved in archery activities, Sandra keeps busy with other fun. She likes traveling and riding horses, writing and riding Harleys, going to plays and flying down zip-lines, watching car races and reading books, working on her house and designing other peoples', driving her convertible and going to a symphony, going out for a glass of wine and frequenting Joyride or Postinos during happy hour. She also volunteers for several different organizations that help make her community a better place to live.

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If you want to get to know Coach Sandra better, come on out to the Gilbert Archery Range.