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Archery Can Be Life Changing

There are a lot of things in life that capture the attention of youth today. Many of them, such as drugs and alcohol, are definitely destructive. Some of them, like video games and TV, have questionable value. Getting kids hooked on a sport however, is one of the positives. Guiding our youth towards positive activities is important, but group sports have seen a decline in participation.

What Has Led to the Decline?

Decline in sports in life of youth

Several factors have lead to this decline. A higher level of competition, at ever increasingly young ages, is a big factor. Kids can be made to focus entirely on one sport as young as age six. Another key component is the cost. Many families can’t afford the rising costs associated with playing in a team sport. Add the fact that there’s a lot more stimulation in sitting in front of a video console than there is sitting on a bench, and it’s not a surprise the number of athletes are on a decline. What are parents to do? Archery may be the answer.

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