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Please Note

Unless stated otherwise, all equipment is supplied.

We don't want you to have any surprises, at least not bad ones, but, for some classes, there's an extra equipment fee due the first day so please read your sign-up page carefully.

Please wear closed-toe shoes to all archery activities, arrows hurt if they fall on bare toes. It's also helpful if shirts fit snug, especially the sleeves. 

Gilbert Archery Lessons

Archery lessons can be taken as a group or individually. Group lessons are often combined with Park and Rec Classes but allow you to schedule what weeks you want to attend and only pay for those. A great alternative if you can't make regularly scheduled classes. Packages can be bought to reduce lesson cost.

See definitions for types of lessons below or go to our sign-up page.

Group lessons are for all ages 8-100+. Private lessons can go down to age 3.

Archery Classes for Gilbert Archery

Archery classes are offered through the Gilbert Parks and Rec Department but taught by the certified archery coaches from Gilbert Archery. They are a series of weekly lessons grouped together for a lower cost. Many of these do have an equipment fee so please read the sign-up carefully.

See definitions for types of classes below or go to Gilbert's Park & Rec sign-up page.

Most classes are for all ages 8-100+

Gilbert Archery Lessons for Beginners

These lessons are for those who have little or no archery experience. Focus is on safety and good shooting habits. The first class of each session goes over basic safety so if you are taking lessons, instead of the class through Parks & Rec, and have not shot with us before, please start with our Try Archery Lesson.

Gilbert Archery Lessons for Intermediate Archers

Intermediate lessons are for those who've shot with us some and want to advance their archery skills. Focus is on competition readiness and developing a stable shooting form that's less stressful to the body and produces more consistent shots. Great for all ages 8-Adult. 

Gilbert Archery Lessons for Women

These lessons are for adult women only. Enjoy the company of other women while learning archery or developing your skills. This laid-back atmosphere is the perfect setting for some "me time".  Have fun while getting quality coaching. All levels are welcome, even those who have never held a bow before. However, if you are taking this through our lessons, instead of the Parks & Rec class, please start with our Try Archery Lesson.

Gilbert Archery Clinics

Archery clinics use games and activities to learn different archery skills. Participants who complete each lesson earn a medallion. Attend all five days and the five medallions, put together, represent an archery target. Although these lessons are usually held during school breaks, they are suitable for all ages 8-Adult.

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This free lesson is a basic introduction to the sport of archery. Safety and history will be the focus with minimum shooting time. This lesson can only be taken once and must be taken before taking other group lessons. You must register ahead of time to attend and there is a $20 deposit which will be returned if you attend the lesson at your scheduled time. No refunds will be made if you cancel or reschedule this lesson after registering.

Gilbert Archery Open Shooting

The range is geared towards a training facility but does have one 20 meter lane for open shooting. No instruction will be provided but range master must be present. Open shooting is on a first come first served basis, with classes and lessons having priority. Shooters must be checked in 30 minutes or more before open shooting ends. You can save time by reading the range rules and printing the waiver from our site, to bring with you filled out. See open shooting times on our calendar.

Range upkeep and equipment  is paid for by donations, lessons, and memberships. Please help support the range by making a donation.