Range Rules

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Archery, as a sport, is as safe as ping pong. In order to maintain that level of safety, certain rules need to be followed. We appreciate your cooperation in knowing and following all the range rules.

Thank You

Range Rules

1. No one is to be on the range unless it is open and a range master is present. UNAUTHORIZED USE OF, OR ACCESS TO, THE RANGE IS PROHIBITED AND VIOLATORS WILL BE PROSECUTED.

According to the Town of Gilbert's guidelines, no one is to be on the range unless a range master is present and in control of shooting. This is a requirement in order for the range to stay in operation so, it will be strictly enforced.

2. Anyone on the premises, including the parking lot and surrounding area, must respect and listen to the range master. Anyone not listening to the range master will be asked to leave the premises immediately and may lose their right to return.

The range masters are trained for coaching and safety and are there to keep the range running smoothly. They are instructed to contact the police if anyone is not following their instructions. If the range master is running a class and must stop running the class to deal with someone not following instructions, that person may be responsible for reimbursing class members for lost time. 

3. Everyone inside the fenced area is considered a participant, even if they are not shooting. All participants must fill out, sign, and turn in to range master, all waivers and releases as soon as they arrive.

Insurance requires everyone in the range area to sign a waiver. Since the shooting area is fenced, only those inside the fence need to sign the waivers. Photos and videos are often taken during classes so anyone inside the fence must sign a release. All required waivers and releases are available HERE, if you want to print them and bring them with you, otherwise they are available at the range before entering the fence.

4. For everyone's safety, only commercially made recurve and compound bows are to be used, and only with field points. Broadhead points and crossbows are strictly prohibited. Other bow use is at the discretion of the range master.

The safety clearances on this range are tight and do not allow for the use of crossbows or broadhead points. Handmade bows, longbows, and other arrow launching devises may or may not be suitable for this range. Please see the range master if you have a non-conforming bow. They will be able to verify its safety.

5. Maximum shooting distance is 70 meters, or 75 yards (20 meters for open shooting). There are markers designating these distances and no target is to cross that line at any time for any reason.

Again, because safety distances are so tight, these are the maximum safe distances to shoot.

6. There's to be no alcohol or drug use on the premises, including the parking lot and surrounding area. Anyone who is observed to be using, or acting under the influence of, drugs or alcohol will be asked to leave, even if they are not shooting.

This is both a requirement of the Town of Gilbert and of the insurance company. People under the influence of drugs and alcohol are less inhibited and can be more difficult to manage. For everyone's safety, please enjoy these pleasures only after you have left the range.

7. There's no smoking on the premises, including the parking lot and surrounding area.

Archery is a sport and participants are athletes. Athletes must be able to enjoy their sport without being exposed to secondhand smoke. Since this is an outdoor range, wind carries smoke particles long distances so the entire property is smoke free.

8. No animals are allowed inside the fenced area nor tied to the fence.

It's not safe for participants, nor the animal, if an animal is inside the fence. Tying an animal to the fence can cause the fence to fail potentially harming the animal and people.

9. Music is allowed only by permission of the range master.

The range master must be able to control the range by using their voice. Music can prevent this. In addition, the range is open to many age groups and all music is not appropriate for all people.

10. Shooting is only to be done from the shooting line, aiming down range.

This should be obvious but, from what has been observed at other ranges, must be stated. Everyone shooting from the same line, aiming in the same direction, is what helps keeps the sport safe.

11. Bow hand must not go above your head at any time the bow is being drawn (sky drawing). This is an unsafe practice and is not permitted on this range.

The range master will ask anyone seen sky drawing to lower their arm when pulling back the bow. If you are not able to draw your bow without starting with your hand above your head, you are not able to shoot at this range. 

12. Equipment on the range is not for public use except for designated "public targets". 

Most of the club targets are not made for high poundage compound bows and using such will ruin both the target and the arrows.  Benches and stands are for paid classes and events. If they are not being used, they may be available for public use. Equipment is not guaranteed to be maintained in any particular manner and using it is at your own risk.

13. Do not use or move equipment without permission from the range master.

The equipment is set up for paid class use. Please ask the range master if you would like to move or use something. 

14. Please pick up after yourself and leave the range in better condition than you found it.

The club provides all the equipment on the range and pays to maintain the range. We operates on a very tight budget and appreciate that everyone helps to preserve the equipment and helps maintain the site. 

15. Anyone not following the rules may be asked by the range master to leave the premises immediately and may lose their right to return. If they refuse to leave when asked to, the police will be called to escort them off the property. 

To maintain a safe environment for shooting, it is important that these rules be followed. If you can't follow the rules, you can't be at the range.

Thank you for helping to make this range run safely and smoothly!