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Gilbert Archery is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that has a mission to use archery to:

  • Strengthen the community by building character, focus, and self-confidence in adults and youth.
  • Strengthen families by encouraging all ages to have fun together.
  • Strengthen individuals by promoting participation, providing quality training, and encouraging tournament attendance.
  • Empower all adults and children by giving them the opportunity to actively participate in a sport regardless of their social or economic status.

Zoey Wapniarsky

Zoey on how archery changed my life

"Through competitions and being able to coach younger archers, my communication skills have improved greatly. I have also learned how to stay calm under high pressure situations."

Spencer Yee

Spencer on how archery changed my life

"Archery has changed my life because it has introduced me to so many new people and gave me opportunities that I wouldn't have had without it."

Travis Levario

Travis on how archery changed my life

"Archery has changed my life so much because the whole archery community is amazing. Everyone is so nice and you"ll meet a lot of new friends"

Eleanor Rodriguez

Eleanor on how archery changed my life

"Being an archer has made me aware of the  mental aspects of sport and has inspired me to study sports psychology. Archery has opened me to new opportunities and learning experiences by being both an athlete and coach."

Archery For A Better Life

Shooting with the pros at Gilbert Archery Fundraiser for Sunshine Acres

There are a lot of things in life that capture the attention of youth today. Many of them, such as drugs and alcohol, are definitely destructive. Some of them, like video games and TV, have questionable value. Getting kids hooked on a sport however, is one of the positives. Guiding our youth towards positive activities is important, but group sports have seen a decline in participation.

What Has Led To The Decline

Decline in sports in life of youth

Several factors have lead to this decline. A higher level of competition at ever increasingly young ages, is a big factor. Kids can be made to focus entirely on one sport as young as age six. Another key component is the cost. Many families can’t afford the rising costs associated with playing in a team sport. Add the fact that there’s a lot more stimulation in sitting in front of a video console than there is sitting on a bench, and it’s not a surprise the number of athletes are on a decline. What are parents to do? Archery may be the answer.

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